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Don't be a litter bug!
Monday, 02 June 2014 09:47

It is so easy to open a window of your car and throw a plastic bag out into the street and so many people do this without realizing what it is doing to the environment.

It’s rather sad to see how most adults do this and are teaching their children to do the same without even realizing it. We must all remember that throwing litter out the window does not create jobs for others. It actually forces the government to use the tax money that you and the rest of the country earns and provides and spends that money on cleaning up after you instead of putting that money towards health care and education for people and children who need it. The best thing to do while traveling is just too simply keep a bag in your car and once you’ve reached a destination with a provided dustbin then you can through it away. An even better idea would be to keep all your plastics separately and take them to a company close by to you that does do recycling and take it further and get these plastics recycled. We all know that plastics are non-biodegradable and unless they are recycled can be very harmful to the environment. If there are no places in your area that provides a service to recycle plastic then get onto the internet and find out where the closest place is to you, contact them and find a way to get them to collect the plastics, if you can try getting your whole neighbourhood involved. Below are just some of the listed companies that work in the Kwazulu-Natal area to recycle plastics.

  • Impact – Richards Bay 8 Ceramic Curve Alton – T: 035 751 1722
  • Impact - Durban 231 Maydon Road – T: 031 274 6600
  • Jabulani Recycling Cc – 8 Ceramic Curve – T: 035 751 1140

There is a great list of companies that recycle and there are endless always to recycle if we become more aware of our personal carbine foot prints and stop pointing fingers at others.alt


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