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Lala Palm - Hyphaene petersiana
Monday, 05 May 2014 08:44

Here is a closer look on the Hyphaene petersiana commonly known as the Lala Palm.

This palm can be found growing in groups in deep, nutrient-poor, sandy soils in low-lying areas. It is often found on river banks, although seldom directly in river beds. This is a very attractive palm that grows on most soils types but requires plenty of water. Unfortunately this palm is not frost or drought resistant, it is very slow growing and cannot be grown from cuttings. The fruit is edible and the flesh of the fruit is eaten by fruit bats and the nuts are eaten by baboons, elephant and monkeys. The white nut of the fruit is used as vegetable ivory for button-making and carving of curios. The sap can be used to brew beer and the leaves can be used for thatching, mats, fibre and for making twine.alt



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