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White Scale Aloes
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 09:43

If you love Aloes and you would like to plant them in your garden then it is important to know how you can look after them especially when it comes to pests and diseases. Prevention is always better than cure and a thriving, vigorous plant will be less prone to pests and diseases than an Aloe which suffers from incorrect watering, poor drainage and/or too much shade. It is not only Aloes are prone to disease, all plants are and even though few of these will lead to rapid demise of the plants but it will certainly spoil their appearance. Only the most obvious and common pests are briefly covered here but if you notice any other deformities in you Aloes and plants then it will be worth your while to do some research and find a way to cure them. One of the most unsightly infections is caused by white scale insects. You will notice them if you see neat white rows on the leaves, especially at the lower surfaces. These insects can be controlled and taken out with modern aerosol contact insecticides, if left untreated the insects with eventually cover the entire plant and it will die.alt


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