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Small Garden - Containers
Monday, 31 March 2014 12:18

If you have a small garden, a courtyard or even if it is just a veranda you can make your own beautiful setting by carefully selecting different plants to create small habitats. You can achieve this by grouping container plants to express difference settings such as a forest, grassland, wetland or even dry desert and succulent plants. The best part about having container plants is that you can manipulate the soil and the climate conditions to suit the setting that you would like to express. You can grow big trees in pots as well especially if you have little or no garden space, they will only grow as big as the pot that you select so the bigger the pot the bigger the tree. When you do use large trees in pots it is a great idea to use bark as mulch for your tree. Large trees can flourish and you can combine up to four forest trees with different forms and leaf textures, when doing this keep in mind trees such as the Trichilla emetica – Forrest Mahogany, the Podacarpus spp – Yellowwood and even the Adansonia digitata – Baobab. If you don’t want to go the forest root you can also plant a single large aloe with succulent groundcovers. Container gardening can be so much more than keeping a few indigenous pot-plants, you can indulge your collector’s impulse and celebrate remarkable plants by selecting eye-catching pots to plant them in. There are so many different styles and pots that you can choose from, you can have a combination of organic earthy colours such as terracotta, soft browns, greens and greys. You can have a ‘post-modern’ arrangement selection such as sculptural, vividly-painted, or slick metal containers. There is also that over the top arrangement with extravagant colours, textures, unusual containers, and astringent plant combinations. It is important to know that no plant inherently suits only one particular style and the same plant type can be used in different types of containers to mimic a natural plant habitat or even to convey a sophisticated, playful or urban aesthetic. There are many styles that you can choose from for your area and if you would like to create a small ‘natural’ habitat you can attract birds, butterflies, bees and other wonderful creatures. If your garden looks great maybe your neighbours will show interest and can also get involved. If you cannot find the containers that you have in mind why not use recycled ones? You can use anything that takes your fancy as long as there are drainage holes; you can use anything from old cooking pots, jugs, bowls, old milk churns, sinks, food or plant cans, galvanised iron buckets, wheelbarrows, towers of tyres, wooden crates, and stainless steel storage or refuse bins, rustic, and/or rusting containers. When planning your garden take direction from the colour of the court yard or veranda area, including the furniture. Go further by using mosaics, murals, corrugated iron, reeds, laths and even fabric as a background to create the effect you want. Remember that no matter what plants you choose for your garden, no matter how hardy or water-wise they may be, all container plants need appropriate care with a suitable amount of water, space the correct soil mix, good organic plant food at regular intervals and occasional pruning. You will have a lot of fun creating and personalizing your small garden with all these amazing tips and also keep in mind that gardening is very therapeutic and is actually a very good way to relieve stress!alt


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