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Monday, 03 March 2014 11:36

It is a very scary thought that thirty present of South Africa’s 160 frog species are threatened one of which is the Pickergill’s Reed Frog which is only found on the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. This is all due to habitat destruction, increasing levels of pollution in freshwater systems, disease and changes in climate. Frogs are very important bio-indicators because of their sensitive skins and they inhabit both aquatic and terrestrial environments. The fact that one third of our frogs could potentially disappear is a warning sign that our natural environments are in jeopardy and that urgent conservation action is crucial. The good news is that unlike a number of other endangered species, which require global support and intervention, the protection and conservation of frogs is something that ordinary South Africans can play a meaningful and impactful role in. By simply reducing their negative impact on amphibian habitats and rather creating environments that are conductive to the survival of frogs. So if there are any changes that you can do around your home you will help the environment more than u know, if by any chance you do not know what changes you can make then do some reseach there are many events, activities and opportunities for school pupils, homeowners and even employees to take action to save our frogs.alt


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