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Gardening in Kwazulu-Natal
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 10:04

The best thing about staying in KwaZulu-Natal is that we have an abundance of indigenous plants and an ideal growing climate. There are many gardening possibilities open to gardeners everywhere. It is clear that we have so much to boast about to friends and family that live beyond our lush, subtropical belt in which we loath in mid-summer when the humidity reaches its clammy peak. If you live here you may not see it but we have the perfect weather conditions all year round with soaking rains and lovely sunshine in spring, including our summer months as well as our mild winters. There are more than 6000 different species in our area that have adapted to our conditions and provide us with almost trouble free gardening. This makes it more suitable for beginners as well as those who have fast paced life styles. When planning your garden it would be more sensible to plan different areas, this will boost your confidence in your gardening abilities and you can also develop areas such as when finances will allow, because to tackle the entire garden at once can be very daunting and costly. Firstly consider the space you have available, the bigger your garden the more fun you can have. If plants are selected carefully and planted accurately you can create a mini-forest even in a postage-stamp size garden. Researching the plants that you would like to use in your garden is essential. It is important to know which plants would grow well in your area, for example plants that grown well in Pietermaritzburg may not grow as well in Mtunzini and vice versa. If you are struggling with finding the perfect plants for Mtunzini area you are more than welcome to visit us and we will make some suggestions for you weather you would like to plant indigenous plants that are perfect for attracting butterflies, birds or even bats who would like a home to roost and feed. If you would like to know where to plant what try and find out about different trees and shrubs that can grow in bliss alongside each other. Remember there is no such thing as a tree growing too closely to another in a forest. This method may not appeal to gardeners who plant to their own plan, but whichever way you decide nature may step in with wildlife and birds that will modify your design and you may end up with plants you had no intention of planting. Another great idea would be to go have a tour in a local nature reserve or even go on a trail and observe which trees and shrubs grow happily together and well as the spacing between them. Don’t forget to take the size of indigenous plants into consideration. It wouldn’t be such a good idea to plant a yellowwood tree in a townhouse garden, proportion is key to a good garden design. We suggest that you look into purchasing a book called ‘Bring Nature Back to your Garden’ by Charles and Julia Botha. This is the perfect wildlife handbook for a gardener who would like to design their garden around attracting wildlife and even growing indigenous plants for other uses such as container plants, screens, barriers and many other wonderful ideas that will help you get the perfect garden of your dreams.


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